Who we are


Founded in the year 2005, GEASYT Internacional Ingenieria was created as a company of engineering and consulting services to the building sector.

Our team has developed its professional activity mainly in GEASYT SA, between 1985 and 2014, when the founding board decides that the best way to internationalize the Company is to create a new independent organization with all the experience from the past.

GEASYT Internacional Ingenieria is directed and managed by GUSTAVO ÁLVAREZ, an engineer by the ETSIIM that, after initiating his professional career, started to incorporate other engineers from other activities to build up GEASYT SA.

The main aim of GEASYT Internacional Ingenieria is to export its experience to the international market and has developed works in different continents as Africa, Central America and Asia, but without forgetting the Spanish market, in which its professionals have over thirty years of experience.

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